Welcome to my updated website

Welcome to the updated website!

I have improved my content and stories to entertain and enthral you better. Once a month I will publish a free short story on this website, anyone who has an internet enabled device and a browser will be able to access and read each story. For people who prefer to use other electronic devices I will compile the short stories published here into an electronic book which will be freely available on Amazon® Kindle®, Nook® eReaders or Apple® iBook® and associated apps or via an EPUB file that can be downloaded from this website.

I have just completed my début novel and I will be announcing its publication date here along with news of a fantastic competition to promote it. Each week I will participate in an “Author Hour” during which I will enter into discussions with interested parties via social media on all things to do with writing in general or anything else of interest, you’re welcome to come and join me on:

Saturday April 11th 2015 at  02:00 PM GMT or 09:00 AM EST.