Dystopian Days Book Launch

Dystopian DaysAbout Dystopian Days

Dystopian Days – Tales of next Tuesday, is a dynamic collection of short stories with an enticing mixture of emerging technologies and the human condition. Tomorrow is just another day, but the Tales of next Tuesday are beyond the edge of reason.


Precious Life

This is a day where hundreds of lives are in jeopardy and an embryonic artificial intelligence fights the war on terror, a place where one being struggles to understand its world and wrestles with its conscious.


On this day discover a world where the dark web becomes a tool for military drones and ordinary places require sophisticated electronic counter measures, but in the end the use of primeval hunting techniques are the only solution to this fearsome futuristic threat.

Pound of Flesh

A day in the life of the last man on earth contains a surprising proposition that could fulfil his wildest dreams or turn out to be his worst nightmare. There is only one catch, he has to pay the ultimate price, given this choice, what would you do?

Epochs End

The last day of life in the universe as we know it, plays out billions of light-years away in dissolution space. Two ships meet in a place where true vacuum exists and starlight has yet to reach, to start the process that will destroy every multicellular life form in the universe.


The day will come when even the plants can become weapons able to bring down the mightiest superpowers, changing life as we know it forever and shifting the balance of power to such an extent it might just bring about a new world order.

Complete Control

One day there will be a need for rigorous checks and balances to have complete control over the battle for hearts and minds, a battle that will be won much closer to home than it is today. Could we ever learn to trust a government with such an all-encompassing capability or would we have no choice?

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