Cover Design – Making the Right Choice

Choosing a Cover Design

Cover design is an important element to any novel as it is the first thing that potential readers see and should interest and intrigue them enough to encourage them to look further.

I have come up with four cover designs and I have a personal favourite, but is my choice the right one? I have canvassed a few people on social media and it turns out that my favourite cover design isn’t peoples first choice, in fact to date it hasn’t been picked by anyone.

So I have decided to open this survey out to a wider audience, if you would like to help me to choose a cover design for my new novel which is called Viral Mass and will be released in ebook format on April 10th 2015, please read on for the book blurb or synopsis that would be found on the back of a printed novel or skip to the bottom of the page and make your choice.


Midge Deacon arrives in New York to find a mystery virus is doing the rounds, not only that but a strange fair-haired man is helping it to spread.  After confronting one of the carriers Midge wakes up in hospital to find that large parts of Manhattan have been lost to the infected.  Midge races to the epicentre in a desperate attempt to locate his sister and her children, only to get caught up in the ensuing madness that spreads as fast as the infection.  With martial law declared and the infected controlling the streets, can Midge rescue his sister and her family before they fall foul of the growing chaos, and can he do anything to save the city?

Main Character

Midge Deacon

Midge Deacon is an INTERPOL Incident Response Team (IRT) Liaison Officer assigned to work with the US federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Due to his background in the UK Special Forces Midge specialises in anti-terrorism and counter insurgency.

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