About the Author and this Website

About This Website

This site was created by aspiring author Paul Johnson in 2010 to showcase his writing, here you will find links to self-published short stories and novels that will entertain and surprise you. Over the last five years Paul’s stories have entranced and enthralled people, but don’t just take his word for it here are some unsolicited quotes from real people:

Great work Paul!! Love your website, and your stories!!

Powerful short story from a master of the genre what a find!

Paul embrace was a great story.

Paul your stories are good. I enjoy reading them.

Wow, interesting take on this – and horrible.

Very nice story sir, interesting premise, taut and well scripted.

I enjoyed that short story. The ending was fantastic.

I loved the ending.

You definitely have a great imagination for writing keep up the good work.

Great story! Cool that self-awareness came with the ability to be self-sacrificing for the better good as well.

Wow! Great stuff. I left you a comment on your page.

Interesting site. I’ll need to check it out more. Like your stories on it

Your stories are great!

Loved it! Keep up the great work

I really enjoyed your site!

Paul good stuff.  Thank you for sharing.  I just read your zombie story.  Wow!!!

Really nice! A lot better than some of the things I would come up with. Lol!

The twist in the end is really ingenious!I thought ‘Good Life’ had a shocking payoff, which I thought was great.

Just read Pollen and Consumed.  Both amazing but Pollen really chilled me to the bone! Brilliant.

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The author, Paul Johnson was born in Singapore, he started travelling the world at the tender age of 15 months and hasn’t stopped since. Paul now lives in the Cotswolds England with his partner of twenty-five years.

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